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So the DSM has things like Major Depressive Disorder (see previous posts on “D” is for Depression), male erectile disorder (I have no experience in this area…) and so on.  Nothing particularly interesting there.

How about “M” is for Mother?  Fortunately or unfortunately, mothers do have a fair amount to do with mental health.  I hear a lot from mothers who don’t want to be blamed for how screwed up their kids are.  I hear a lot from kids (sometimes all grown up) who don’t want to blame their mothers for their troubles.

Sometimes it’s hard to tease out whose responsibility is whose, what’s what, or why.   As an adult, can I still blame my parents (one, both or some other childhood caretaker) for my problems? I’m not about pointing the finger, but much like the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, if we understand what went wrong, maybe we can resolve it, clean up the mess, and move on.