Julie Miller's Mental Health Blog

Relational Problem #2

Posted on: July 3, 2010

So it’s late, and I’m tired.  Is this a good time to bring up a touchy subject with my spouse?  Good guess – no.

I used to think I ought to be able to handle anything emotionally in my relationship.  I’m a therapist right?  I’ve had tons of therapy right?  Yes, and yes.  BUT (and as you can see this is a big BUT) I’m also human.

The less I accept my humanity, and all the foibles that go with it, the more likely I am to step in it (“it” of course being doo doo) in my relationship.

Everyone has limitations.  It doesn’t make me weak.  It means I’m human.  Being human is much more acceptable to me than it used to be.  It’s okay to say, “you know, I just can’t be there for you now,” or “I know you want me to do you a favor, but I’m wiped out, so…  sorry.”

I accept my limitations and my humanity more and more.  I accept others’ limitations and humanity more and more.  That makes for a lot more peace in relationship with others.


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