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Kleptomania #3

Posted on: April 29, 2010

Celebrity shoplifters, per google search:

W*nona Ryder (we all know the story); her career has slumped significantly since her conviction.

Rex Reed allegedly stole some music CDs.  Haven’t heard from him in a while.

Bess Myerson (who is she you might ask?) former Miss America, allegedly stole $44 worth of stuff from a drug store.  Not much of a career for her after that.

Adam Rickets (actor/model?) allegedly stole some coffee & cheese.  How’s his career?

Jennifer Capriati (tennis player) allegedly stole a ring from a Mall, and later was charged with possession of pot.  No career since.

So the point isn’t about the celebrity part of this – it’s about the suffering and lack of healthy functioning, the lack of ability to continue to move forward in one’s life and achieve one’s goals.

These are unfortunate and very public examples of a psychiatric issue impeding an individual’s progress in their life.

All these individuals could pay for the items they took (allegedly; remember, I don’t want to get sued).  It was a means by which they could regulate their central nervous system.

So if you find yourself doing some shoplifting yourself, consider reframing it as just wanting to calm and soothe yourself, trying to regulate.


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