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Kleptomania #2

Posted on: April 29, 2010

Wow, so this thing with the DSM diagnoses can be quite boring.  I didn’t start this blog with the intention of becoming another text book and boring not only you, the reader, but also myself.  I find myself not wanting to post another piece about a psychiatric diagnosis and the appropriate treatment.

I want to go back to all my previous posts and delete them…lol!  What’s fun about blogging is that you can really put yourself, your personality, into it.  I love mental health issues, teasing apart what is happening for a client and tracing it to its roots, then helping the client correct the problem.

That’s what’s interesting.  This blog is not interesting.

Okay, so, here’s a little way of looking at this.

Have you ever known someone who was a compulsive thief?  Have you been a compulsive thief?  I have worked with clients who were kleptomaniacs, and pretty much we have all heard of W*nona R*der, right?  (Can she sue me for calling her a kleptomaniac?)

It’s hard to understand why W*nona would steal a ton of clothes she could afford, right?  Okay, well too I think there were prescription pills involved, but was there a conviction about that?  Don’t remember.  And frankly, I don’t want to do the research.  The old way of blogging would be to do the research and make sure I have my facts right and so on and so on.  But again, that’s boring.

W*nona’s a child actor who grew up into a kleptomaniac opiate addict adult actor.  Has anyone ever in the history of acting been a child actor who grew up into a really healthy, functional adult?  Send your thoughts.  I can’t think of one right off hand.

Who are some other high profile kleptomaniacs?  Now that might take some research, and that might be fun…


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