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Anxiety can be that feeling that something has to happen now.  Now.  It is “life or death” (even if it truly isn’t).  There’s an urgency, a pressure, an unavoidable rush forward into something, anything, to get relief from the pressure.  The brain is hijacked and thinking is difficult.  Patience is next to impossible.  Blood flows to the extremities for either fight or flight, and the brain just doesn’t get enough blood flow to come up with something besides the inevitable running away, duking it out, or succumbing to some (often unhealthy) self-soothing behavior.

Relate to this?  Notice what happens the next time you don’t act on that feeling of anxiety, or craving, or whatever urgent   What if you did something else?  Or just nothing at all?  How long would it take for that urgent feeling to pass?  Maybe something else is going on – it’s not just anxiety.  Sadness?  Anger?  Frustration?  Shame? Just notice.  If it had a color, what color would it be?  If it had a temperature, what temperature would it be?  If it could hold water, how much would it hold?  If it had a shape, what shape would it be?  If it had a texture, what texture would it be?  On a scale of 0 to 1o, with 0 being completely calm or neutral, and 10 being the most intense you could imagine, where would you put that feeling right now?

And then notice if, when, it shifts.  It will.  Will it get worse?  Maybe.  Will it turn from black to red?  Maybe.  Will it move from my stomach to my chest?  Maybe.  But it will shift.  It is not a permanent, static condition.

Just notice.


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