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Posted on: February 15, 2010

My blog is intended to provide helpful information to those of you interested in mental health issues, but need help deciphering all the jargon and “psychobabble.”  Okay, there may be a little psychobabble here, and okay, maybe a little jargon, but I hope to keep it to a minimum!

What are the things that are confusing in life?  Feelings?  Others’ behavior?  Welcome to the club.  Most of us in the mental health field (okay, I should speak only for myself) have been so befuddled by others’ behaviors or our own feelings at one time or another that we (okay, me) had to go to graduate school and get professional training to figure it out and satisfy our (my!) curiosity!  The workings of the human mind and human behavior are fascinating and understood but very little.  There is so much more to know, and yet we feel that we do know a great deal!  We certainly understand more today than 20 or even 10 years ago.

We are each mystified every now and then by our own behavior or feelings.  And certainly are occasionally clueless about others’ behavior, motivation, or agendas.  B.F. Skinner, the famous behaviorist, once said, “I admire a person to the extent that I cannot explain their behavior.”  While I wouldn’t go that far, I can certainly relate to his experience.

So human behavior and emotions are fascinating.  How can we understand them in others or in ourselves?

Let’s have discussions about these questions.  I won’t be the “therapist” here, but more of an educator, a resource for those looking for answers.  Pick my brain.  I’ll bring up questions and explore ideas, and you do the same.

How about we explore one issue per week, literally from A to Z?  “A” is for anxiety, “B” is for borderline personality, “C” is for chemical dependence, and so on. 

Of course, the opinions I will share are mine alone, and do not constitute any form of psychotherapy or counseling.  Please don’t share any information here you wouldn’t share with the rest of the world as there is no confidentiality in this forum.  If you want to share about yourself, please remember that you are doing it in an open web log, and others may figure out who you are.  Let’s keep it safe, fun, interesting, educational, and hopefully challenging!  Ask question.  Disagree with me.  But please, let’s be civil!


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